I'm looking for any model Wessex drawings, if you know of any or have any let me know. Gavin.
2/5/2010 02:01:12 pm

Just received my Wessex HC2 fuselage kit from Gavin today. It made the transit from New Zealand in a record time of three days via EMS express mail. The shipping container is a cabinet maker's work of art and protected the awesome fiberglass true 1/11 scale Westland Wessex HC2 with some of the smartest packing schemes I've ever seen. This model is as good or better than any of the high priced scale helis out of Europe (i.e. Vario, etc.) The Gel coat is free of pin holes and contains all the major panel lines and surface textures needed to replicate the full size Wessex. It included a set of beautifully vacuum formed widow glazing with the proper bubble shapes every where they appear on the big brother. I opted for the wonderful, hand-crafted, main and tail landing gear assemblies. They all have the oleo action shock absorbing mechanisms as on the full scale HC2.

I'll be doing mine up in RAF SAR yellow livery and can not wait to get busy with the build. We'll be using Align T-Rex 600 ESP machinery with a four blade head and tail and scale narrow chord main rotor blades from TFModel/SmartModel in HongKong. I'll be back with a link to the build thread which will be posted on RCGroups and Scalerchelis forums where I'm known as Hoverup.

Cheers, Boyd
AMA 80393
IRCHA 3355
Major USAF

2/5/2010 02:49:29 pm

I am humbled Boyd by your kind comments. I would be privileged to show off your completed build in the gallery.

2/5/2010 11:36:54 pm

The pleasure will be all mine Gavin. The pics will be yours.

Cheers :)

Richard L. Morgan
2/19/2010 06:26:12 am

Westland Wessex

My Westland Wessex arrived at my doorstep in only four business days from New Zealand...wow!

After opening the cabinet quality shipping box that had been finished in a very nice clear coat and sealed up with brass screws (a keeper it's self), I discovered one of the nicest helicopters I have seen in some time and it was packed better than any Egyptian mummy! The big manufacturers need to take note of this mans work; a craftsman through and through. From the high quality glass work to the gorgeous functional landing gear it was a treat unpacking each and every part and they all fit together perfectly! I have never been more pleased with a purchase. Also it is fun to know that my Wessex is one of the only two in the USA, Boyd has the other one (By the way Boyd, you were right, I love it!!).

If Gavin does another scale helicopter, I assure you I will be in line even before I know what it is. Hey Gavin how about doing one of my very favorites; a Kaman S-2 Sea Sprite I would send you a deposit today

Thanks for a great helicopter and something completely different!

2/20/2010 04:33:13 am

You are very welcome Richard. It is very gratifying that you are happy with the Wessex. As with Boyd, I would be very privileged to show off your completed build in my gallery.

Richard Morgan
2/20/2010 11:05:25 pm

No Problem Gavin:
I will be glade to send you some pictures.
Did you see my email about getting the dimensions of the Stabilizer and a couple of pics showing your method of mounting the tail wheel from you? I would really appreciate it.




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